Monday, July 1, 2019

New Vehicle and Railroad Crossing Law Take Effect July 1

With the start of the new month several new state laws take effect. Two of those laws are vehicle related and one deals with train crossings. 

In May, Oklahoma Governor Kevin Stitt signed into law the citation of trains sittings at crossings for more than ten minutes without moving. The law gives authority to law enforcement officials of each city and town. Once the local government passes the appropriate ordinance it will allow them to issue citations for a maximum of $1,000. The fine would be enforced by the state Corporation Commission. The law requires local city officials to work with the Corporation Commission on how to handle the new law.

Two additional laws concerning vehicle registration and tag possession also became effective on July 1. Oklahoma drivers are now required to keep their vehicle registration inside their vehicle. Vehicle owners can go to a local tag agency to get a duplicate registration certificate, which will cost $1, if they have lost or misplaced their current copy. The registration will also allow law enforcement officers to comply with the new law concerning owner license plates.

The new license plate law allows individuals to keep their license plate with them if they buy or sell a car. Now owners will have a choice of placing their old tag on the new vehicle or purchasing a new one from the Oklahoma Tag Commission, or their local tag agent.

If owners have a tag from a previous car they may place the tag on the newly-purchased vehicle after it has been titled and registered. A grace period of 30 days will occur before incurring any penalties.

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