Tuesday, July 2, 2019

Calvary Relief Working to Clean Up Moffett Flood Damage

Moffett, devastated by recent flooding, has a long way to go before it recovers, but a church group based in Colorado is offering residents a ray of hope. 

Pastor Curt Hencye and his wife, Mary Jo, arrived in the area last week and are ready to get to work repairing damaged homes, but they need volunteers to help with cleanup.

The Hencyes have set up “Camp Calvary” near Fort Chaffee in Fort Smith and they are ready to hit the ground running. “We literally moved here,” to tackle the difficult job, he said. “We live in a fifth-wheel camper and we have a bunkhouse for volunteers” at Fort Chaffee. “We plan to be here long-term,” the pastor said.

Hencye said some Moffett residents had flood insurance, but most didn’t and will require assistance from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. But FEMA aid, Hencye said, won’t fix everything. 

That’s where the “Disaster Pastor” and his team come in. 

“If we’re going to be involved,” the pastor said, “we are going to (clean up) everything.” Once the damage is repaired, the Hencye team will work to make sure all structures are sound and that all the utilities are in working order. 

Hencye said that no one living in Moffett has moved back to their homes, and only one home has electricity hooked up. The Hencye team is working with OG&E and other utility companies to get service restored as soon as possible. 

To volunteer or to make a donation, contact the Hencyes at (941) 915-9560 or (941) 374-1607, or visit DisasterPastor@CalvaryRelief.com.

Laura Brown, Staff Writer

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