Wednesday, July 24, 2019

Agencies Hold Emergency Planning Meeting

Several organizations and individuals came together this week for the East Central Oklahoma Regional MIPS meeting. 

The meeting is an Emergency Planning Committee meeting that serves a multi-county area. The committee is comprised of local emergency personnel, health care professionals, assistance organizations, county administrators, and media representatives. 

The main function of the committee is to have trained and prepared response teams in place should disaster arise within the area.

Those disasters could include tornadoes, railway or highway chemical spills, disease outbreaks, emergency assessments and emergency needs of public health matters and other such emergency incidents on a mass scale.

The committee worked on numerous response plans including emergency preparedness plans, mass immunization protocols, organizing partner agencies and working with state and tribal officials.

The East Central Oklahoma Region or ECOR includes Haskell, Latimer, Leflore, Muskogee and Sequoyah counties with over 187,000 residents and an area of almost 44 hundred square miles.

Frank McCoy, News Staff

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