Tuesday, July 14, 2020

OG&E, Cookson Hills Crews Busy Restoring Power

Power crews continue work to restore power 
after Saturday night's storm.

Crews from Oklahoma Gas & Electric (OG&E) and Cookson Hills Electric Cooperative are still busy repairing power lines and restoring power to its customers after storms ripped through Sequoyah County on Saturday night.

As of Tuesday morning, OG&E says outages are down to 2,028 from a peak of 77,000 from Saturday’s storms. So far crews have replaced 117 poles, 64 crossarms and 93 transformers. The company expects power to be restored today for all remaining customers that were affected by the storms. As crews finish work in one area, they are reassigned to join crews in those areas where there are still outages.

OG&E says it expected to have Muldrow back on Monday night, but more storms in the area slowed crews down more than as anticipated. Crews also found more damage in the area. More crews have moved there to join those already working on restoration. Power in Muldrow is expected to be back on today.

Wednesday, additional Cookson Hills crews will arrive to assist in restoration efforts. Tree contractors have been working ahead of the construction crews to remove fallen and uprooted trees from power lines. The cooperative is working to restore three-phase lines first, and then single-phase lines. With additional crews arriving Wednesday, Cookson Hills will be able to increase focus on individual services that have damage at their service location. If you have damage to your service in your house, please make sure that we are aware. You will need to work with an electrician to ensure your service inside your home is safe to receive electricity.

Following are updates for areas in Sequoyah County:

*The Akins area will have several services back on by Tuesday night. No specific locations are available. A contractor is working in this area and making progress.

*Most services should be back on in the Redland area. There are still some individual outages that OG&E cannot restore power safely to yet and will be addressed soon.

*Work is underway in the Blue Mouse area.

*In the Liberty area, crews have worked to repair three-phase lines in this area and water plant service has been restored.

*Fisher Addition - crews will be working in this area Tuesday night.

*Gans and Nicut areas - additional crews will be in these areas Wednesday.

We may not have included your areas in this update, but at this time, this is the most up-to-date information that we have available. 

Laura Brown, KXMX Staff Writer

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