Friday, July 3, 2020

Hospital Adds New Safety Procedures

Because of the increasing numbers of COVID-19 cases around the region, Northeastern Health System - Sequoyah has instituted new safety procedures for its patients and staff.

As of Monday, June 29,  all employees will be screened upon entry, and are required to wear masks. 

Everyone who enters the facility will be asked to wear a mask at all times while in the health-care facility per the recommendation of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Visitors will also be given a bracelet indicating that they have been screened. If not wearing a mask, a visitor will be asked to retrieve one from their car to use. Visitors will not be allowed to enter the hospital if they do not provide their own masks.

If a patient does not have a mask and is asymptomatic (without symptoms) they will be allowed to go to their appointment. If they are symptomatic, they will be provided a mask. Once additional masks are on hand, patients will be provided one for their appointment but visitors will still have to provide their own.

All patients and visitors will be asked if they are at the hospital for COVID-19 testing. If they are, they will receive an armband with its white side up. They will then be asked about possible exposure to the virus during international or state-to-state travel. They will also be checked for symptoms such as fever and cough and asked if they have been in contact with a known positive COVID-19 patient.

Patients may have one patient representative that will be allowed (it should be the same person throughout the admission/visit) and they must wear masks at all times.

Additional patient representatives may be permitted if exceptional circumstances warrant consideration and in compliance with facility policy. The patient representative shall be subject to any screening procedures required by the facility, including temperature screenings, observance of hand hygiene practices and the wearing of their own mask at all times while in the facility.

The facility may further limit access to patients when patient representatives fail to follow facility policy.

Other guidelines now in place encourage everyone to wash their hands with antiseptic (located next to screener’s desk) and if a visitor shows up with a patient who is having a procedure, they must provide their own mask and wear it while in the facility.

Laura Brown, KXMX Staff Writer

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