Friday, August 23, 2019

Sallisaw Man Faces Molestation Charge

Corrigan Christian Horsechief

A Sallisaw man was arrested Aug. 17 in Sallisaw and charged with lewd molestation of a juvenile.

Records show that Corrigan Christian Horsechief, 27, was arrested by the Sallisaw Police Department after witnesses reported seeing him taking photos of women’s behinds at the Sallisaw Walmart.

Once inside the store, an officer saw Horsechief taking photos. When asked what he was doing, Horsechief denied taking pictures and tried to hide the device. The officer reported that before the man tried to hide the phone, he could see that his camera was active and it showed a full-body photo of an apparently underage girl. Corrigan admitted taking photos of her, and when he opened up his phone’s gallery to show the photos, several other similar images were revealed.

After a search of the store, police reportedly found one of the photographed subjects, a 15-year-old girl, and her father. When shown the photos Horsechief had taken, the two said the photos were of the girl. No other victims were found at the scene.

In an interview, Horsechief told police he had been convicted of lewd molestation in 2010 out of Cherokee County, a charge that was reduced from first-degree rape of a 7-year-old. He also told officers that he was 19 at the time of that crime and the victim in that case was a 5-year-old girl. He was sentenced to 20 years in prison with 10 years suspended. He was released from Department of Corrections custody in February 2019.

When asked why he takes the photos, Horsechief at first said he just looks at them and then deletes them, but when pressed, he admitted showing the pictures to his cousin and other lascivious activities. He also admitted using his grandmother’s computer even though the terms of his prior conviction states that he cannot have access to the Internet. When asked if a forensic search would find any troubling photos of underage girls, Horsechief nodded yes.

Horsechief also told police that the girls he took photos of would have been afraid of him had they known about his criminal past. He said he knew that what he did was wrong and was against the terms of the sex offender registry.

Sallisaw Police Department investigators served a search warrant at Horsechief’s residence to get the computer and any other pictures and electronics he had been using in the commission of his alleged crimes for a forensic investigation.

Laura Brown, KXMX Staff Writer

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