Friday, October 6, 2017

School Principals "Pucker Up" For a Good Cause

Kiss a goat? Yep. That's just what two Sallisaw school principals had to do on Friday

A band aid drive was held during the month of September at both Liberty and Eastside Elementary Schools. The students collected and brought in band aids to help raise awareness for childhood cancer.

“The students brought in an amazing amount of band aids,” said Samantha Meredith from Eastside. “The band aids will be donated to St. Francis Children’s Hospital in Tulsa.

The principal of the school that brought in the most band aids had promised to kiss a goat at the elementary homecoming pep rally on Friday.

Toni Jasna, principal at Liberty Elementary, and her husband, Chad Jasna, principal at Eastside Elementary both delighted their students by kissing a cute little baby goat after the band aid count was so close. Liberty students reportedly brought in only around 20 band aids less than Eastside students. A total of 720 boxes were collected.

"The band aid drive allowed our students and school the opportunity to show kindness and bring a smile to the faces of children in need. We all got to be a part of something special," stated Mrs. Jasna.

Mr. Jasna added, "The students at Eastside and Liberty loved getting the chance to donate character band aids to St. Francis Children's Hospital. They got to experience what it means to help others in their time of need."

Way to go Liberty and Eastside students!

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