Monday, October 23, 2017

Deputy Recovering after Stabbing, Deadly Shooting Incident on Friday

The Sequoyah County Sheriff’s Office has yet to release the name of a deputy stabbed by a Muldrow man who he was sent to arrest but has confirmed that the deputy is at home recovering from his wounds. The deputy was reportedly stabbed multiple times in the arm and chest, one of which went through his vest and between ribs.

“It was very close,” Lane said. “A few more millimeters and it could have got an artery.”

As is required by law, the deputy has been put on administrative leave while the shooting is investigated by the OSBI. Lane confirmed the deputy shot the suspect who was attacking him.

The confrontation with Phillip Joel Trammell, 30, of Muldrow occurred at about 4:25 p.m. Friday, authorities reported. Phillip Joel Trammel is on the list of convicted sex offenders living in Sequoyah County.

The deputy and a Muldrow police officer went to Trammell’s residence at 10th and Enid Streets in Muldrow to serve an arrest warrant for Trammell. Trammell was wanted for forgery, from a case filed earlier in Sequoyah County District Court in Sallisaw, child support, and for being out of compliance with the sex offender registry. He had not reported his address as is required.

The two police officers searched the residence, and found Trammell hiding in a pile of clothes. Trammell reportedly jumped out from underneath the clothes and attacked the deputy. During the scuffle Trammell was shot by the deputy in self-defense.

Lane said Trammell’s body was sent to the state medical examiner’s office in Tulsa.

A Muldrow officer drove the deputy to the hospital after the incident where he was treated and released.
Photo of Phillip Joel Trammell taken from Sex Offender Registry.

Sally Maxwell, Senior News Director

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  1. I know that this situation could have been handled differently and if sequoyah county didn't employ cocky behind the badge,above the law hot headed trigger happy idiots....the officer wouldn't of have had his gun drawn, instead it would have been his taiser. That would have stopped him as well, wouldn't it????

  2. The situation could have been different had the guy not attacked the deputy. Simple as that. You play stupid games you win stupid prizes.

  3. So your telling me that a sequoyah county deputy wasn't trained to use his taiser in a situation like this? Everyone saw the video on the news, the officer had plenty of time to use his taiser.... Am I mistaken?


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