Tuesday, October 10, 2017

City Commission Approves Landfill Contract

Sallisaw City Commissioners and employees hope to add money to the city coffers from business transacted at city meetings Monday evening.

Sallisaw City Commissioners voted at their meeting Monday to approve a contract with Yaffee Iron and Metal Corp. of Fort Smith to haul and dispose of, in the city landfill, Yaffee’s metal shredder fluff. The contract could bring over $1 million into the city coffers over the next five years.

Keith Skelton explained to the commissioners that four to five loads could be hauled per day, and the contract was expected to bring in a net profit of $205,438 the first year. The amount would increase over the five-year period.

The cost to the city would be a semi-tractor and dump trailer and a driver. Skelton said the equipment would cost about $90,000 and the cost of a driver, with benefits, would be about $48,000 per year.

Skelton said Yaffee officials have already agreed to the contract.

The commissioners approved the contract and approved the purchase of the semi-tractor and trailer.

City Manager Clayton Lucas was not at the Sallisaw meeting, but was attending a Poteau meeting where he obtained another contract for the city’s landfill.

Lucas said LeFlore County Waste Treatment has agreed, by a unanimous vote, to a $1 million contract, for five years, to leave waste at the Sallisaw landfill. The contract is for $200,000 per year for five years.

Lucas said Sallisaw’s landfill is just now occupying 60 acres of a 1,200-acre tract of land the city purchased on the city’s east side. He said there is enough property to accommodate all the landfill users.

Sallisaw City Commissioners approved a memorandum of understanding for the exchange of fire services with the fire departments at Brent, Brushy, Central, Gans and McKey.

They also approved an agreement for the impoundment of animals with the towns of Gans, Gore and Vian, none of which have animal shelters.

The commissioners tabled an executive session for the review of the city manager’s performance. They said later the item was tabled because Lucas was not present and because Mayor Jim Hudgens is on vacation and was not present at the meeting.

Sally Maxwell, Senior News Director

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