Monday, October 23, 2017

"Head Butting" Incident Results in Assault and Battery Charge

A Tulsa man was charged Wednesday in Sequoyah County District Court, Sallisaw, with domestic assault and battery, aggravated, after he allegedly head butted his now ex-girlfriend and broke her nose. The incident allegedly occurred in front of the couple’s small child.

A bench warrant was also issued Wednesday for Clint Kyle Goodwin, 24. In the investigator’s report, filed with the charges, Goodwin is reported to have told the victim, “This is your fault cause of the way you act.” He also, according to the investigator’s report, refused to let the child’s grandmother, a resident of Vian, see the child.

The investigator reported Goodwin and the victim, who lived together in Tulsa, came to see the victim’s mother in Vian on Sept. 15. But Goodwin was angry and when the victim got out of his car, he “put the car in reverse and attempted to run her over,” according to the report. He then got out of the car, “picked her up and head butted her in the face and broke her nose.”

The victim’s mother sent her daughter into the house to clean the blood off her face and stop the bleeding, then tried to see her grandson in the backseat of the car. But Goodwin pushed the door shut and said, “He’s not getting out of the car.”

When the suspect, victim and child returned to his parents’ home in Tulsa, she was told to report the injury was the result of a car crash. The victim went to St. Francis Hospital and notified police. But Tulsa police said the report had to be taken in Sequoyah County, where the incident occurred.

Goodwin allegedly told the victim she could not take the child if she left, but she was able to escape the home, with the child, later and hide behind a school while she waited for a member of her own family to pick her up. She returned to Vian and filed for a protective order on Sept. 26.

The victim told investigators that Goodwin previously threatened to shoot her and threatened to kill her and her son.

Sally Maxwell, Senior News Director

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