Wednesday, September 11, 2019

City to Implement New Waste Disposal Programs

"Curbie" the City of Sallisaw's new grapple truck is ready to go to work.

The Sallisaw Board of City Commissioners has approved a new curbside, bulk trash pickup program at their Sept. 9 meeting. Commissioners approved a new policy allowing city staff to make changes to waste services provided to the community. 

With the recent purchase of a new grapple truck, the city will now bring back curbside trash pickup services, but on a more controlled basis. The new program will also eliminate the free disposal by city residents at the city landfill. The free landfill disposal program will end Oct. 31. 

“For years, the city conducted spring and fall cleanups. While this service was beneficial to the community, over time the program became abused and caused the community to have bulk waste curbside for weeks at a time. It also took several employees to provide the services,” Sallisaw City Manager Keith Skelton said. 

“Ultimately, the city commissioners had no choice but to end the program. With the new waste programs, the city will have more control over the items being placed curbside, and with the new grapple truck, the items will be picked up much faster. The service, along with “Curbie,” the new grapple truck, will now be handled by one employee,” Skelton noted.

So how will the new program work? 

Citizens will be able to take advantage of two programs for the disposal of bulk waste. 

If residents want to pile the waste curbside, they can call City Hall and schedule the grapple truck to pick up the waste. The cost to pick up 10 cubic yards of waste, or less, will be $25. This fee will be added to the customers’ utility bill. A 10-cubic-yard pickup would be a pile of waste approximately 10 feet in length by 5 feet wide and 5 feet tall. Amounts exceeding 10 cubic yards will be charged an additional $3 per cubic yard. 

The second program citizens will be able to take advantage of is “Chunk Your Junk.” Throughout the year, the city will schedule free “Chunk Your Junk” days. During this time, citizens will be able to bring their residential waste to the city buildings on West Quesenberry Street and dispose of the waste for free. Citizens may bring items such as bagged leaves, metal, small limbs/brush, lumber, furniture and bedding to the event for disposal. 

“The grapple service, even though there is a small fee, will be convenient for everyone,” Skelton said. “All you have to do is get the waste curbside, call the city and let us do the rest.”

“Our first “Chunk Your Junk” day was successful back in May, and we expect many will take advantage of this service as well,” he added. 

To schedule “Curbie” citizens of Sallisaw may call City Hall at (918) 775-6241 and ask to schedule a curbside waste pickup. Citizens may also go to the city website,

The city expects to publish the new policy and rules for the new programs on its website within a few days. 

Laura Brown, KXMX Staff Writer

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