Monday, July 24, 2017

Train Misses Woman in Overturned Car by Inches

Muldrow Police Chief George Lawson, Assistant Chief Tim Keith and Muldrow EMTs are credited with rescuing a female driver from an upside-down vehicle on Monday morning in Muldrow.

An unidentified woman was reported to have rolled her vehicle at the Fargo Street crossing on the Union Pacific Railroad, just moments before a train passed by. Lawson said that the crossing is wide, but the street isn’t. The right front wheel of the tire ran off the road and caused the Hyundai Elantra to flip upside down.

Lawson, Keith and the EMTs arrived in the nick of time but were unable to get the upside-down woman out of her vehicle before a train came whistling by.

“Our hearts just sank,” said Lawson. “We just had to step back. I was only three or four feet away from the car when the train went by. It just missed the car by 18 inches.”

Lawson said two EMTs were then able to get into the car and help release the woman from her seatbelt, with the help of Lawson and Keith. Dispatchers were able to contact the railroad and have all rail traffic stopped until the rescue was complete.

The woman was uninjured, Lawson reported. 

“I was tickled to death she is OK,” Lawson said. “She was just sitting there and we asked her if she was OK. She said ‘I don’t think I’m hurt. But it’s hot. I just want to go home.’”

Lawson said Keith gave the woman a ride home.

Sally Maxwell, Senior News Director

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