Friday, July 7, 2017

Lucas’ Dream Comes True, Book to Be Published

“It’s a dream come true. I am very excited. It’s something I always wanted to do.”

Those happy comments were made recently by Clayton Lucas, Sallisaw’s city manager. On June 28 Lucas signed a contract with Hawaii Way Publishing to publish his first novel, titled “Iron Post Corner.”

The romantic adventure is set in the area where Lucas grew up – the Iron Post, Central, Akins area east of Sallisaw. And, although the story is fiction, Lucas explained it does draw upon historical figures. In “Iron Post Corner,” one of those figures is  Charles “Pretty Boy” Floyd.

Friends and former teachers who have read the novel say it is good enough to be published. And Season Burch from Hawaii Way Publishing believes so too. That’s why she has contracted with Lucas to publish the novel.

Burch said, “We’re very happy and excited about choosing Clayton Lucas as our newest author. We enjoyed reading his novel very much and we’re intrigued by the way he was able to interweave history and fiction and create a story that was both fascinating and fun to read.”

Lucas said his manuscript will go through three to four months of editing, and then will go to the printers. The “launch” of the book, as it’s called in the industry, will be in both Visalia, Calif., where Hawaii Way Publishing is located, and in Sallisaw.

“Iron Post Corner” will also be available on Amazon, in Barnes and Noble and Books-A-Million.

Lucas explained he chose a contract with the publishing company that lets him have “a say in every step of the process.” But Lucas said he isn’t too worried about the editing process, as the publishing company’s readers read and edit the book, perhaps suggesting changes. He’ll make those changes, he said.

“I just want to get published,” Lucas said.

Now that he has a publishing contract, Lucas’ goals for the book have changed a bit. Now what he wants is a best seller, and he will be able to participate in the novel’s marketing to help that goal along.

“I’m going to submit it to Oprah’s Book Club,” Lucas said with a grin. “If you get on Oprah’s Book Club, you have a New York Times best seller.”

Lucas has already started a second novel, titled “Alley Spring.” That novel is set in Missouri, in another location where he once lived, and touches upon history through the outlaw Jessie James.

When published, “Iron Post Corner” will be available in both hard and soft cover and as an eBook.

Lucas concluded, “I am so humbled, grateful and excited to be taking the next step to have IRON POST CORNER published! For all you who are wondering what this means, it means ‘Iron Post Corner’ will be published in the coming months! Thank you so much Season Johnson Burch and Hawaii Way Publishing for believing in this story and ensuring that others will have the opportunity to read it.”

Sally Maxwell, Senior News Director

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