Sunday, January 29, 2017

Shots Fired in Sallisaw Walmart Parking Lot

According to eye witness reports shots were fired in the parking lot of the Sallisaw Walmart at approximately 6:00 pm this evening (Sunday) during what is believed to have been a drug related incident.

On Sunday evening Sallisaw Police Officers were involved in a drug investigation that led them to the Walmart parking lot. Witnesses initially reported that suspects fired upon the officers who returned fire but that information has now been confirmed to be inaccurate. The suspects struck one officer with a vehicle at which time officers fired upon the suspect's vehicle, according to Sallisaw Police Chief Terry Franklin. The officer was taken to Sequoyah Memorial Hospital to be treated for non-life threatening injuries. 

The incident allegedly began in the Walmart parking lot and quickly escalated with suspects fleeing to the parking lot of the Sallisaw Family Medical Clinic where the suspects were placed under arrest.

We will bring you more details as they become available later tonight and tomorrow on MixTv Channel 19 News.

UPDATE (8:05 P.M.):

Sallisaw Police Chief Terry Franklin stated, "The Sallisaw Police Dept. and the Sequoyah County Sheriff's Dept. were conducting an undercover narcotics investigation in the Walmart parking lot. During the investigation one police officer was struck by the suspect's vehicle, at which officers fired at the suspect striking the vehicle."

According to Franklin the suspects led officers on a short vehicle pursuit which ended east of Walmart. Three subjects were taken into custody. "The subjects were not struck by any of the rounds fired," added Franklin.

The police officer that was struck by the suspect's vehicle was transported to an area hospital with non-life threatening injuries.

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  1. Saving people from sdfictions and overdoses and murders.

  2. Morons. Drugs are nothing but trouble.

  3. so unknown are you saying that the drug dealers should not be hunted to extinction?

  4. Ok, you say ftp like no one knows what it means? Say it with your name instead of unknown you lil junkie coward!!!

  5. Thank you Sallisaw PD. Get all the dope heads off the streets. Hope the officer that was hit by the car heals up quick. We need him back out there getting these types off the streets.

  6. I agree we need to get the drugs and the sellers off the street but I also agree that the firing of a firearm on a department store parking lot was a danger to the public.

  7. In a public place like wal mart are you kidding geez

  8. I was an eye witness to what happened in Walmart parking lot! No one was in danger from the gunshots!
    Drugs are controlling more people everyday I'm PROUD of our PD for actually trying catch guys like these. Thank you Law Enforcement!

  9. firing a weapon in a public place is a danger to the public, especially in a place like walmart. the walmart in sallisaw has several roads surrounding it, and several people in the parking lot at any given moment. Bullets can fly for a great distance when fired, so this put many people in danger. I'm glad nobody was injured from the bullets fired, and i hope the officer recovers quickly. I am also happy that they caught the villain that caused this mess. The situation may have been handled better, but maybe they will learn from this event and progress towards a better way to catch those that run from justice.


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