Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Muldrow Police to Investigate ‘Inappropriate’ Allegation

The Muldrow Police Department has been asked to investigate the allegation of inappropriate conduct between a teacher and a student.

According to the Muldrow Police Department, the school will provide documents on Wednesday and police will then begin their investigation. The Muldrow Campus Police, which conducted an initial investigation, requested the Muldrow Police Department’s assistance.

Muldrow School Superintendent Ron Flanagan, who is not allowed to reveal the name of the teacher, said campus police began the investigation on Jan. 17 and the teacher was suspended with pay at that time. The teacher resigned the next day. Flanagan did say the teacher had been employed at the school for two years and had no reprimands on the record.

He said if campus police find evidence of criminal behavior, the investigation would be turned over to Muldrow police.

The Muldrow Police Department released a statement saying, “There will be no (information) released until the investigation is completed and a determination is made by the district attorney’s office.”

Sally Maxwell, Senior News Director

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