Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Sallisaw Commissioners Approve Vehicle Use Policies

The Sallisaw City Commissioners, at their regular meeting Monday, approved policies for employees using city vehicles.

Some department supervisors, who are on call, will be allowed to drive city vehicles home in case they are called back to work during off hours.

The commissioners also approved raising some fees. The fee for the rental and installation of a security light will be raised by $25; the fee for video services was raised by $2 to cover increased costs; the fee for engraving a columbarium (tomb) was raised by $75; and the fees for city labor and equipment was raised by different amounts for different services, with a two-hour minimum.

Animal Control Officer Randy Freeman reported that a new contact has been established for the transport and adoption of animals. Positive Beginnings in Illinois will take the animals, at no charge, and find homes for them. But the city must transport the animals half way to the Illinois facility. City Manager Clayton Lucas said the arrangement is actually cheaper than euthanizing the animals.

Lucas said a special meeting will be held next week to announce a new bid for annual mowing services. One of the bids on Monday was received but not presented. To be fair, Lucas said, the bid process and letting will be redone.

The commissioners approved the $284,845 water line relocation on the Delaware Street crossing, required by the Oklahoma Department of Transportation for the replacement of the Interstate 40 bridge which crosses Delaware Street. The city will be reimbursed 100 percent for the project.

Lucas announced that Sallisaw Municipal Airport will soon be selling jet fuel because an airport user has purchased a jet aircraft. 

Lucas also announced that the expansion of DiamondNet to Stilwell is underway as plans for a tower there proceed. He reported 100 DiamondNet requests have already been received from Stilwell users.

A grand opening at the new Sallisaw Animal Shelter is planned in the near future, Lucas also announced.

Sally Maxwell, Senior News Director

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