Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Water Shortage Expected to Last Until Friday

Repairs to water lines caused by a landslide north of Vian are now expected to take until Friday, according Vance Mooney, Sequoyah County Water Association Manager. Damage to two main lines occurred after heavy rainfall late Sunday night and early Monday. 

Initial estimates were that the repairs could be done in two days. However, the ground shifted  again Monday night causing even more problems for the repair crews. An initial plan to lay the new pipes in a cleared high-line area had to be scrapped when it was discovered that it would jeopardize the integrity of the power poles and lines.

"We are working hard on it. But we've had some setbacks today," Mooney stated.

The path of the pipes will have to be re-routed causing an additional 500-800 feet of line to be installed. Mooney pointed out that they will now need to clear some trees in the new path which will also add to the time frame.

Muddy conditions are slowing progress for the water association work crew as well as the contractor crew brought in to help with the project. "We are going to keep working morning to dark," Mooney said. "I'm hoping we can have water back to everyone by Friday."

Approximately 2,500 homes are currently without water. Areas affected include Fields Chapel, Dwight Mission, Marble City, and areas east of Highway 59 along Highway 101.

Some residences may have water but with drastically reduced pressure. 

A mobile water source is set up at Blunt Baptist Church, north of Sallisaw on Old Highway 17, for those affected by the water shortage. Each household is limited to 5 gallons and must provide their own containers. The site will be manned each day while supplies are needed.

Social distancing and safety protocols will be in place due to the COVID-19 virus.

KXMX News Staff 

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