Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Man Sought in Theft of Newspaper Racks

A felony arrest warrant was issued Jan. 29 for a Sallisaw man accused of stealing coin-operated newspaper vending machines.

Scottie R. Scott, 36, is facing a second-degree burglary charge after video footage from the Mr. Jiff No. 2 convenience store at the intersection of Maple Street and Cherokee Avenue reportedly showed him placing one of the machines in the back of his vehicle.

According to a police report, on Jan. 16, a Sallisaw Police Department officer received three reports about 10 stolen newspaper vending machines from different locations around Sallisaw. 

Video footage obtained from the Mr. Jiff store reportedly showed a silver Jeep pulling into the parking lot from South Maple Street. The vehicle parked on the west side of the store. Officers were able to see the Jeep’s driver-side door open and they watched a man get out of the vehicle and open the back hatch.

The suspect was then seen walking to the front of the store, where he picked up a newspaper stand and walked back to the Jeep, placing the machine in the back of the vehicle. The Jeep then traveled back around the store and drove north on Maple. The officers recognized the vehicle as belonging to Scott and they asked him to come to the SPD for questioning in the case.

Scott told officers he was high when he stole the machines, and that he had just snorted a “hot line” before taking them. He said he took the machines on two different nights and dumped three of them on the road near the Way of the Cross Church. Scott said he dumped the rest of the machines close to a pile of rocks near Brushy Lake.

A search of those locations did not turn up any of the machines, which Scott’s wife later said were actually in the garage of their home at 712 S. Main St.

Officers went to the Scott home and discovered six newspaper machines with their locks missing. The machines were transported to the police department and returned to the owners the next day. A representative for the newspaper company said each stand was worth about $900, not including the lock and the change that was taken from the machine. 

Second-degree burglary is punishable by up to seven years in prison. Bond was set at $10,000.

Laura Brown, KXMX Staff Writer

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