Tuesday, February 25, 2020

CASC Offering English as Second Language Class

For the first time, Carl Albert will be offering a free English class this fall for those who are interested in learning English as their second language. Class will be held each Monday from 3:30-4:40 p.m. in the Ollie Center, room 1322, in Poteau. This class is free to community adults and children. Every student will be responsible for purchasing their own $12 textbook each semester.

English is the universal language – the language that connects speakers of all languages. It is known as the “language of opportunity.” Learning English can open up doors to job opportunities such as jobs, travel, business, and technology. The globalized world has chosen English as the premier language of communication, particularly in business. Embrace it today, if you are looking to have a brighter future in the world of business.

To sign up, please contact Crissy Keeton at 918-647-1319 or email ckeeton@carlalbert.edu.

Classes will begin August 12.

KXMX News Staff

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