Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Woman Faces Assault, Battery Charge for Kicking Officer

A 32-year-old Fort Smith woman was arrested in Sallisaw for public intoxication, then later allegedly attacked the arresting officer, which resulted in two felony counts of assault and battery on a police officer.

Bobbie Jo Tagle was arrested at about 9:34 p.m. Saturday in the 900 block of West Houser in Sallisaw, where she failed several tests for drunkenness, according to the arresting officer’s report.

The report goes on to say that at the Sallisaw jail “Tagle became very belligerent, would not allow the jailer to take her photo or answer questions pertaining to booking.” The report says Tagle became agitated, cussed the jailer, then began kicking at the jailer and the officer. She succeeded in kicking the officer twice in the stomach, the report says. Because of her alleged assault upon the officer, it was decided to transfer Tagle to the county jail, which was done after another reported scuffle.

As of Tuesday afternoon no bond amount was in the court record.

Sally Maxwell, Senior News Director

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