Wednesday, November 15, 2017

Firing of City Manager Continues to 'Play Out'

City Commissioners, led by Sallisaw Mayor Jim Hudgens, right, 
voted three to two to fire City Manager Clayton Lucas II, left. 

Sallisaw City Commissioners, by a vote of three to two, fired City Manager Clayton Lucas II at their regular city commission meeting Monday evening at the Sallisaw Civic Center.

But, more may be ahead regarding Lucas’ dismissal.

Voting to fire Lucas were Sallisaw Mayor Jim Hudgens, Ward 1 Commissioner Ronnie Lowe and Ward 2 Commissioner Ro Poindexter. Voting against Lucas’ dismissal were Ward 3 Commissioner Julian Mendiola and Ward 4 Commissioner Daryl Legg.

Lucas responded to the dismissal, “I am surprised and hurt by the vote of three members of the Board of Commissioners to terminate my employment as Sallisaw City Manager. I am evaluating all of my options, and will decide upon a course of action after carefully considering what is best for the City of Sallisaw and my family.”

The vote was taken after a one and a half hour executive session called as soon as the meeting began. Legg even vote “No!” when asked to go into the executive session.

As soon as the vote was taken in the public meeting, Lucas rose from the table and left the meeting.

Because a crowd was expected, the public meeting was held in the Sallisaw Civic Center. Over 75 members of the public and city staff attended.

Hudgens had Lucas’ dismissal put on the agenda, but would not say why last week when the agenda was posted. By law, the employment and dismissal of persons does not have to be made public to protect both employer and employee, and for their privacy. Lucas did not wish to make a statement last week either.

But, according to the Sallisaw City Charter, the city commissioners are required to give the fired city manager a list of reasons 30 days in advance in dismissal. That has not been done.

The dismissed city manager is also entitled to a public hearing. That has not been announced.

Legg said he did not want to comment on Lucas’ dismissal.

He did say, “We have got to let this play out.”

Sally Maxwell, Senior News Director

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  1. If Ron Lockhart and George didn’t collude to win the mayors office, we would have an elected official. Everyone screaming for an elected mayors need to remember. Now, they are running the story like Jim is responsible for election debacle.


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