Thursday, November 30, 2017

Cherokee Impact on County Reviewed at Meeting

The Sallisaw Health and Wellness Center was named the Sallisaw Chamber of Commerce Member of the Month for November at the chamber’s membership luncheon on Wednesday. Chamber President Cheryl Mills, left, presented the award. Accepting, from Mill’s left, are Brooke Lattimore, the center’s chief operating officer; Roxanne Brewer, director of nursing; Connie Olcott, marketing director; Teresa Noah, quality coordinator; and Dave Martin, Human Resources Director. The luncheon was held at the Redbird Smith Health Center in Sallisaw.

Chuck Hoskin Jr., Cherokee Nation Secretary of State, was the guest speaker at the Sallisaw Chamber of Commerce Membership Luncheon held Wednesday at the Redbird Smith Health Center in Sallisaw.

Hoskin reviewed the economic impact the nation has on Sequoyah County.

-Over $152,134,970 spent in Sequoyah County.

-$49,809,218 in income for county residents.

-1,200 jobs supported.

-825 jobs in a county with 14,847 Cherokee residents.

-Roads and water: $4.3 million spent on county roads in the past four years and 76 water and sanitation projects supported or assisted.

-Public Education: Over $4 million given to Sequoyah County schools, and $430,179 in 2017 alone.

Hoskin said, “The strength of all our communities can rise and fall on the health of public education.”

-Housing: 83 new homes built in Sequoyah County, and 1,185 families assisted with affordable housing.

-Health Services: 131,977 patient visits for medical care at the health center; 2,778 patient visits for eye care; and 8,056 patients seen for dental care.

-Career Services: “We help people,” find jobs and careers, Hoskin said. 

-Sequoyah’s Cabin: The historic site now managed by the Cherokee Nation after the state had to give up the site due to financial constraints. Hoskin praised Sequoyah who developed the Cherokee syllabary.

He said, “We had a written language long before the removal. We could speak to each other. We could speak to the world.”

Hoskin said today it is a partnership between the Cherokee Nation and all others in the nation’s 14 county area which results in success.

“It is a partnership,” he said. “We can do it in Sallisaw.”

Chamber President Cheryl Mills reminded members that storefront decorating entries are due by Dec. 8; the Shop Sallisaw Giveaway is Dec. 9 at the Stanley Tubbs Memorial Library in downtown Sallisaw; and the Christmas parade starts at 6 p.m. Dec .9.

The next membership luncheon is Dec. 13.

Sally Maxwell, Senior News Director

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