Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Sallisaw Man Sought in Cello-Foam Burglary

A felony warrant was issued Oct. 28 for a Sallisaw man charged with grand larceny and second-degree burglary.

Michael Shane Jordan, 34, faces up to five years in the State Penitentiary and/or a fine of up to $1,000 and restitution on the larceny charge, while the burglary charge is punishable by seven years in prison.

On Oct. 12, a Sallisaw police office was asked to go to the Cello-Foam building on Arlington Street in reference to the theft of several power tools worth well over $1,000. An officer already at the scene said the building had been burglarized and the manager believed an ex-employee, Jordan, was the perpetrator.

Video footage showed a male subject wearing a black and red hat, blue jeans and white shoes enter the building. The man then came back through the middle of the building pushing a barrel, which was located outside the warehouse later in the day.

Police knew Jordan had been staying at the Motel 6 in Sallisaw, so they went there and spoke to management. They were told that Jordan was still in residence. Video footage there captured Jordan exiting his room and getting on a bicycle. It appeared that he was wearing the same clothing as the male subject in the Cello-foam video.

The video also showed that Jordan left the room about 30 minutes before being seen on the video at Cello-Foam. He returned to the room on the bicycle a second time, this time carrying three backpacks into the room with him into the room.

Police got a search warrant for his room and found a Power Torque impact drill sitting on a table, which the Cello-Foam manager said belonged to his company. Officers also found a Milwaukee charger and a set of red bold cutters. All items recovered were taken into evidence.

A short time later, video showed a hunter green truck pull up in the parking lot next to Jordan’s room. A male subject got out of the driver’s seat and entered Jordan’s room. The male and Jordan soon left the room and Jordan placed a large suitcase in the bed of the truck, which then backed up and drove out of camera range.

On Oct. 13, officers found the male subject at a residence in Sallisaw. He said Jordan had called him needing a ride. He said Jordan said he drove Jordan to the bridge near Sallisaw Creek, where he exited the vehicle and hid the black suitcase under the bridge on the west side. He said he then took Jordan back to the room and dropped him off.

Laura Brown, KXMX Staff Writer

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