Friday, October 21, 2016

Suspected ATM Thief Arrested; Blood Evidence Led Police to Suspect

Calvis Shannard Jones, 33, of Tulsa was arrested at noon Friday in connection with the theft of two ATMs in Sequoyah County and similar thefts in Adair and Cherokee Counties.

Sequoyah County Sheriff Ron Lockhart announced the arrest Friday afternoon.

Lockhart said, “Over the last four weeks the Sequoyah County Sheriff’s Department, Adair County Sheriff’s Department, Cherokee County Sheriff’s Department and District 27 Drug Task Force have been attempting to identify the suspects committing the burglary and ATM thefts from stores.

“We linked the same suspects to at least four ATM thefts, one in Adair County, one in Cherokee County and two in Sequoyah County. During the Adair County ATM theft blood was collected and after a DNA analysis we were able to get a positive DNA match from Calvis Jones. Jones is from the Tulsa area.”

Lockhart said, “We also determined that Jones was familiar with this type of crime after being arrested in 2009 for stealing two vehicles in Sallisaw and attempting to take ATMs in Arkansas. The last ATM theft occurred on Oct. 19 at Sparks store north of Sallisaw. During the processing of that crime scene we were also able to collect blood left at the scene. The blood has been sent off for DNA comparison. A warrant was issued for Calvis Jones and he was arrested around noon Friday after the three sheriff’s departments and drug task force set up an undercover operation to lure the suspect to us. Jones was taken into custody and will be transported to Adair County.”

Lockhart concluded, “We are glad to have taken the ring leader off the streets. We feel confident that we will be able to locate the other suspects involved.”

During the two ATMS thefts in Sequoyah County, at the Sparks Convenience Store north of Sallisaw and Per Seven south of Sallisaw, the thieves drove stolen vehicles through the store fronts to break in and then carry off the ATMs. Both stores have surveillance cameras, and recorded two thieves, wearing masks, stealing the ATMs.

Sally Maxwell, Senior News Director

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