Friday, August 15, 2014

Incriminating New Details Revealed in the Mayberry Case

The official court affidavit included with the arrest warrant of Angela Gray, of Muldrow, alleged accessory in the Christian Mayberry case, has been released with newly revealed details. A witness who was at the scene along with Kyle Brannon and an unidentified minor has disclosed new information and details in the case.
On August 11, 2014, the witness was interviewed by Agent Eric Helms at which time she stated that she had failed to tell all of the facts that she knew about the night of the accident because she was scared of Brannon, her boyfriend at the time. The witness claimed that Brannon had punched her several times during their relationship and was also known to punch holes in walls. She stated that she, "was scared and intimidated to say anything other than what they were telling had happened." She also stated that she failed to tell what she knew about the involvement of Angela Gray out of fear.
Regarding the involvement of Angela Gray, the witness stated that she, the witness, arrived at the scene along with Brannon and the minor after the accident had occurred. When they arrived at the scene Brannon approached  Angela Gray, and asked her what had happened. Gray replied, "I was driving and just wrecked. This is awful." The witness also stated that Gray was extremely drunk and just kept saying, "This is awful' and that she was going to be in trouble.
The witness stated that Gray, Kyle Brannon and the minor began cleaning up the scene, removing beer cans and an ice chest and discussing what they were going to say had happened. Brannon, along with the minor, allegedly told Gray she, "was not getting in trouble" and that they were "taking the blame for it." According to the report, Gray asked the witness to drive her away from the scene but the witness stated that she could not drive a manual vehicle so Gray drove away from the scene, leaving Christian behind. Previous documents have shown that Mayberry lay injured and untreated for approximately three hours before a call for help was placed. Blood tests taken after Christian arrived at the hospital have shown that he had no alcohol in his system.
The witness also revealed that approximately two weeks ago Brannon and the minor instructed her to tell the District Attorney that the beer had been purchased by "an old man" and not Gray.
Supporters of Christian Mayberry have long believed that Angela Gray was the actual driver in the ATV accident that left Mayberry with life threatening injuries and a traumatic brain injury. Gray was booked into the Sequoyah County Jail on felony charges last night and was released on a $15,000 bond. A felony arrest warrant was issued today for Kyle Lewis Brannon.
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