Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Electioneering, Other Voting Violations Discouraged

Cindy Osborn, Sequoyah County Election Board secretary, advised voters, candidates, campaign officials, and volunteers to be aware of, and careful to not violate, state election laws in the Nov. 4 general election. Osburn said that all known election law violations will be reported to law enforcement authorities, usually the county sheriff and district attorney. "Our precinct officials are going to be watching very closely on election day for illegal electioneering by candidates, zealous campaign staff, and their volunteers. It's unlawful in Sequoyah County and across the State of Oklahoma to electioneer within 300 feet of a ballot box," Osburn said. 

To electioneer means to work for or against election of a particular candidate, political party or issue. "This includes the illegal placement of any campaign signs inside the 300-feet boundary limit away from the ballot box," Osburn said. She added that election law violations sometimes committed accidentally by voters include disclosing how one voted while within the election enclosure or removing a ballot from the polling place. Other violations include taking a ballot into or out of the polling place or taking intoxicating liquors within half a mile of a polling location. It is unlawful for any person to disclose how he or she voted to any other person while inside the election enclosure. Osburn said it also is against the law for anyone other than voters waiting in line to vote and for precinct or other election officials to be within 50 feet of a ballot box during the election. For more information visit By Sally Maxwell, Senior New Director

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