Monday, March 10, 2014

True Grit Celebration At Library

As part of the True Grit Celebration, Stanley Tubbs Memorial Library in Sallisaw will host a virtual visit to the Fort Smith National Historic Site.  This will include a conversation with the Honorable Judge Parker at 12:30 p.m. March 12 in the library meeting room.

Those attending will have an up-close virtual tour of the courtroom and an interactive visit with the Honorable Judge Parker, a role re-enacted by retired Honorable Judge Floyd Robison.

"True Grit", the novel by Charles Portis, tell the story of 14 year-old Mattie Ross who seeks justice after her father's murder in Fort Smith.  With her on this epic journey is Rooster Cogburn, U. S. Dis- trict Court Deputy Marshall, which connects the novel with Judge Parker, his courthouse and authority over Indian Territory.

For twenty-one years of judicial service in Fort Smith, Judge Parker stood for equality of justice.  On his last day of jurisdiction over Indian Territory, September 1, 1896, Judge Parker said in an interview, "I have ever had the single aim of justice in view.  No judge who is influenced by any other considera- tion is fit for the bench.  'Do equal and exact justice' is my motto and I have often said to the grand jury, 'permit no innocent man to be punished, but let no guilty man escape.' "

Librarian Bethia Owens said, "This presentation is part of the regular Book Luncheon series that ex- amines Oklahoma History, Literature and Culture."

Box lunches will be served at noon.  Call 918-775-4481 for reservations.

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