Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Authorities Capture Air Conditioner Thieves

On Tuesday morning, a Sequoyah County Sheriff's office deputy responded to the area of Marble City School after getting a suspicious vehicle call.  When the deputy arrived at the school, he observed a silver pickup fleeing the area.  The deputy also noticed several large AC heater units in the rear of the pickup.  After a short pursuit, the vehicle stopped and two subjects, Dylan Compton 21 and Robert Ford, also 21, both from Okay, Oklahoma were taken into custody, according to Sequoyah County Sheriff Ron Lockhart.  It was learned during the stop that the four Rheem AC units were possibly stolen from Marble City School.

After checking, it was confirmed that the AC units were stolen for the school and a fifth one had been cut as if they were going to steal it.  Also, in the bed of the truck, deputies located a large electric organ, which was later discovered to have been stolen from the Cherokee Children Mission Church in Adair County.  Authorities had Adair County check the Cherokee Children Mission Church and it was discovered that the front door had been kicked in.

The two suspects have been charged with numerous thefts and, according to Lockhart, they are foll- owing up on other thefts in the surrounding counties.

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