Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Sallisaw Police Officer Accused of Using Excessive Force During Arrest

Photo from a Sequoyah County Deputy's 
bodycam footage recorded during the incident.

A Sallisaw Police Officer is currently under investigation after being accused of using excessive force during an arrest earlier this month.

Police Lieutenant Billy Oliver, of Sallisaw, was accused after allegedly using a choke hold to restrain and arrest a man on June 7. 

Oliver and other law enforcement officials were responding to a 1 a.m. report of a man with a gun, according to the official police report.

Body camera footage from a Sequoyah County Deputy who was also on the scene shows Oliver grabbing the suspect by the wrist, placing him in a choke hold and taking him to the ground. The incident occurred after an alleged verbal altercation between the Oliver and the suspect.

Another officer on the scene, who completed the police report, stated that the man refused to place his hands behind his back after being instructed to do so by Oliver. The man "began screaming at him (Oliver) and shoved Lt. Oliver." The report goes on to say that another law enforcement officer had to assist the man to the ground before they could get him in handcuffs.

Oliver did not have his body camera on during the arrest which is a department requirement.

Sallisaw Police Chief Terry Franklin stated, "This matter is currently under investigation."

Franklin said the incident is being reviewed and investigated internally at this point.

"We aren't trying to hide anything," Franklin stated. "The Sallisaw Police Dept. takes all complaints seriously. If the complaint is founded, appropriate action will be taken."

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