Thursday, June 11, 2020

Man Charged After Selling Stolen Property

A Sallisaw man was charged June 1 with knowingly receiving or concealing stolen property, a felony.

Christopher Daniel Martin, 41, faces up to five years in the State Penitentiary and/or a fine of up to $500.

According to a police report, a Sequoyah County Sheriff’s deputy was dispatched Jan. 31 to 464356 E. 1050 Road. When the deputy arrived he spoke with Mason Lincoln, who told him he saw his four-wheeler and trailer at the farm on Jan. 29, but said when he returned to the farm on the 31st, his ATV and trailer were missing.

On Feb. 10, a sheriff’s investigator spoke with Archie Risenhoover, who told him that in December or January, a relative of his had come by with a load of metal pipe. Risenhoover said he purchased the pipe for $300, but said had he known the pipe was stolen he would have never bought it.

On Feb. 19, the investigator spoke with Lincoln, Crawford’s employee. Lincoln said he had received a Facebook message from a women identified as Denise Rowell. Lincoln asked if they had had a four-wheeler and trailer stolen, which they did. Rowell said she believed her aunt had bought the items from a man named Christopher Martin. Rowell said her aunt, Alline Tines, would meet them at a Webbers Falls convenience store to return the property to them. Lincoln contacted law enforcement later and positively identified the items as his.

On May 29, the investigator met with Tines. When given a photo lineup, Tines positively identified the person who had sold her the four-wheeler and trailer. Tines said that in January or February, a friend of hers had come to her residence to pick up money for hay and feed for horses she keeps on his Braggs farm.

Tines said a man named Chris Martin was with her friend and Martin told her he had a four-wheeler and trailer for sale. Tines said she bought the four-wheeler from Martin for $500 and bought the trailer for $400.

She said her niece contacted her about two weeks later and told her she had seen a social media post about the stolen equipment and that it closely resembled the items Tines had bought from Martin.

Laura Brown, KXMX Staff Writer

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