Tuesday, June 23, 2020

Saharan Dust Storm Joins 2020's List of Unusual Events

As if the year 2020 has not been crazy enough we now have the makings of a Saharan Desert Dust storm that is forecast to move through eastern Oklahoma and western Arkansas. If it stays on its current track the dust storm is expected to move into Sequoyah County late Friday afternoon or evening and last through Saturday morning. 

The storm is currently moving across the Atlantic Ocean tracking toward the Caribbean, the Gulf of Mexico and arriving in Eastern Texas and Louisiana by early Friday. 

Experts have stated the giant dust cloud is the most dense in 50 years and has been nicknamed "Godzilla." The storm is expected to travel over 5,000 miles on its journey.

For many areas affected by the dust storm air qualities are expected to be the worst in decades. But for us it means some great photo opportunities. Forecasters are expecting some beautiful sun rises and sun sets with this dust storm. Forecasters in our area say you can expect a slight looking haze with a few particles of dust on your skin.

So close your windows and grab your camera!

KXMX News Staff 

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