Thursday, July 14, 2016

Electric Crews Restore Power

House movers moving a house pulled down an electric service line on Maple Street, about a block north of Cherokee, in Sallisaw on Thursday morning. The Sallisaw Electric Department had the line back up in less than an hour, and service was interrupted to only one residence.

This incident occurred several hours before Sequoyah County was hit by a thunderstorm containing straight line winds that reached speeds of more than 90 mph. Thousands around the county were without power temporarily while electric crews worked hard to clear debris from power lines and restore service. 

Thanks to the hard of work of electric crews as well as local fire and police departments and county road crews power to most homes has been restored and most roads cleared of downed trees and debris. The work these men and women do is invaluable and often dangerous and occurs in harsh work conditions. Thanks to each of them for their hard work and service.

Sally Maxwell, Senior News Director

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