Friday, January 3, 2020

Olsen Announces Re–election Bid

State Rep. Jim Olsen

Jim Olsen announced today his intention to run for re-election as Oklahoma State Representative for District 2.

Olsen stated,  “It has been a joy and a privilege to serve my constituents in district 2, and the state of Oklahoma. In this position, I have done my best to serve in a way that honors the Lord and the Bible.
I stated in my initial campaign that I would stand for biblical principles, family values and constitutional law.”

For specific examples, he referred to: 

  • A strong pro-life bill that should be advanced in this upcoming session.
  • Advancing the second amendment by being a primary author on the constitutional carry bill that passed in this past session.
  • Standing firm for traditional marriage and public decency.
  • Standing behind public education by voting for every single education funding bill that came to a vote.
  • Being tough on crime by standing strongly against the soft on crime policies that often end up increasing crime against law abiding citizens.
Olsen also stated that he has refused to be controlled by special political interests. "I have fought for our values, and been a voice for truth at the Capitol," Olsen added.

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