Wednesday, January 1, 2020

Immigration Rights; By State Rep. Jim Olsen

 State Rep. Jim Olsen

Let’s talk about immigration rights.

Many people would assume that this means the rights of people to come here to the United States of America, and settle here, and live here if they desire to do so.

What I am referring to is our right to have a country, our right to have borders and control over our borders. We have the right to decide if we allow any additional people into our country. If we decide to allow additional people into our country, we also have the right to decide how many will come in, where they are from, and what kind of people they are.

Let me illustrate this another way: Would you allow someone you don’t know, and are not related to, to move into your home? That would be a big decision! Some people would never do that. Other people might, under certain conditions.

Whatever you may think about this, we all recognize that the owner of the home has the right to decide. We, as a country, have the right to decide if we allow additional people to enter. These are the immigrant rights that we, as a country, have.

Let’s look at this another way. How would you feel if you arrived home after a vacation, and found people in your house that you didn’t even know? You investigate, and find that these people have moved in your house without anybody’s permission.

If it were my house, I would be removing these people. You probably feel the same about your house. Well, we have millions of people in our country without our permission to be here. What part of illegal do we not understand? We are supposed to be a country established by the rule of law. We should return to be a nation ruled by law.

Some say that people have a right to move here. Actually, these rights to immigrate do not exist. Nobody who is not a citizen of our country has any automatic right to move here. The only true immigration rights are our right, as a nation, to have a nation, to have borders, and to have control over our borders.

What are the results of unchecked illegal immigration? Crime is increased. I know, the Koch brothers and George Soros, say that immigrants are more intelligent, more hard-working, and better behaved than you and I. Actually, more recent data reveals a notably higher crime rate.

Another result of unchecked illegal immigration is lower wages for Americans. This is basic supply and demand. If you have more workers chasing the same jobs, wages go down. How do you feel about getting lower wages, to help illegal immigrants coming in?

How did we get here? Really, both political parties are guilty. I don’t mean that all Democrats and all Republicans are guilty. Actually, most common Americans are against illegal immigration. However, many Democrats favor illegal immigration, because most immigrants vote Democrat. Many Republicans favor illegal immigration because they want workers for their industries.

I say, let’s honor the true will of the people and return to the Constitution and the rule of law. We, as a nation, have the right to control immigration to our country. Those are true immigration rights.

Rep. Jim Olsen represents District 2 in the Oklahoma House of Representatives, which includes portions of Seqouyah County.

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