Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Head Start Students Face Delays in Vian

Head Start students at Vian Public Schools have had their Christmas break extended by a few more days.

Vian Superintendent Victor Salcedo said Tuesday that students in the Head Start program will not be allowed to attend classes until a new administrator, CDI, completes federal paperwork.

VPS was informed shortly before the holidays that KiBois was being replaced by CDI as administrator of the school’s Head Start program. According to a statement, “CDI has done all it can to get the federal paperwork done during the (Christmas) break, but the licensing change is taking longer than expected.” 

Salcedo said the transition is going smoothly and that it should be “just a couple of days until we get our kids back.”

“We hate it for our kids and we hate putting a hardship on our parents during this time as well,” he said.

Laura Brown, KXMX Staff Writer

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