Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Students Create "Hands Against Child Abuse" Display

April has been proclaimed Child Abuse Prevention Month, nationally and locally. The Sequoyah County Sheriff's Office takes reports of child abuse very seriously, stated Cindy Smith an investigator with sheriff's dept.

In support of Child Abuse Prevention Month, Sheriff Lane and the Sequoyah County Sheriff's Office will display "Hands Against Child Abuse" at the Sequoyah County Sheriff's Office Lobby. Students from local schools have provided this display to their School Resource Officers. They want their voices heard and this display is a safe and effective way for this to happen.

According to research, the victim/survivors of these crimes may feel as though they have nowhere to turn or no one to tell, because statistically, the perpetrators of child abuse are family members of the victim, or at least known to the victim. Victims may feel, or have been told by the perpetrator if they tell, the victim or another family member will be hurt or killed, no one will believe them, because they are children, they will have to go to foster care or a variety of other fears the victim may have. These all deter the victims of child abuse from reporting their abuser.

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