Tuesday, April 17, 2018

Stites Says the People of Sequoyah County Are Our Strength

Tom Stites

The people of Sequoyah County are our strength but our legislature has failed us, according to Tom Stites.

With belief in the resiliency of Sequoyah County and a pledge to stand up for working families, Tom Stites begins work on his campaign to represent the 2nd District in the Oklahoma House of Represenatives. 

Stites said large corporations and the wealthy have prospered, and it’s time working families, farmers and small businesses get their fair share. "Sequoyah County isn't broken, we're just broke."

“We don’t need more special tax breaks for the powerful,” Stites said. “We need to make sure working families have money in their pockets that they can spend right here in Sequoyah County. That’s how you create jobs and grow the economy.” 

Stites said a new path is necessary so that Sequoyah County can be the place people want to live, work and raise a family. Good jobs and great schools should be the norm for our area. Our area, our workers, our small business owners, our farmers and ranchers, our students, our teachers, our schools are desperately calling for help. Continuing down this path of failed ideas and tried rhetoric will not solve our problems. The people of Sequoyah County are our strength, but our leaders have failed us. 

Stites said, “We can’t stand more years with leaders who are so caught up in the demands of the wealthy and special interests that they can’t see the real issues facing us here in Sequoyah County. We can’t survive even a few more years of willful bankruptcy.” 

A U.S. Air Force veteran and graduate of Oklahoma State University’s school of engineering Stites has been a leader in industry for over 30 years. Tom and his wife Nan have four children and 5 grandchildren. Tom and Nan are active members of Immanuel Baptist church and a number of local organizations and charities. In the late 1990’s Stites built a consulting product engineering business that he sold to Nike Sports. After the sale, Stites then managed the Nike division for another 14 years. Stites has been awarded over 280 U.S. and international product patents and supervised engineering and manufacturing teams in the USA and overseas.

“We need to run government more like a business and develop funding sources for Oklahomans, for students and for schools and protect them for decades,” Stites said. “There is not much working correctly in our state government today, we’ve got a lot of work to do. I’ll fight for our area not large corporations or the wealthy who want more tax breaks. I am not a career politician. I’ll be working for the next generation. 

“I don’t care about your political party or who you voted for president,” Stites said. “I care about Sequoyah County and our people here. We didn’t create this mess, but we can fix it, together.”

Pam Cloud, Managing News Director

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