Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Injury Incident Under Investigation

Sallisaw Police are investigating an incident which sent a 53-year-old Sallisaw man to the hospital. The man told police he rode to Walmart on a bicycle late Monday, but does not remember anything after that. The victim said he thought he might have been hit by a car, but wasn't sure. He was found by friends with head injuries in a field next to Walmart. The police report reveals the victim was later treated in the emergency ward at Sequoyah Memorial Hospital, then taken to Tulsa for possible surgery. Doctors said he may have suffered a concussion. Police reviewed Walmart's video tapes, but could not find the victim on the tapes. The bicycle he was believed to have been riding was found later at Downtown Apartments. Stay tuned to KXMX for the latest news, or visit By Sally Maxwell, Senior News Director

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