Wednesday, March 24, 2021

Cox Arrested for Public Intoxication

Sequoyah County Court Clerk Gina Cox

Sequoyah County Court Clerk Gina Cox was arrested near her home on Tuesday evening. Cox was placed under arrest by Sequoyah County Sheriff Larry Lane.

At the time of her arrest Cox was charged with Public Intoxication and Malicious Destruction of Property Less Than $1,000. Both charges are misdemeanors. 

Sheriff Lane stated that although these are minor charges, "they become more magnified when it’s a public elected official being charged." Lane said that Cox was booked into the Sequoyah County Jail at approximately 3 p.m. and was held until about 10 p.m. when she bonded out.  

Sheriff Lane also stated that there were some questions about the delay in uploading the booking photo. In response Lane said, “We treat everyone the same, no matter who they are or what their title is. In this case the delay was due to Mrs. Cox being very belligerent, combative and uncooperative when the jail staff were trying to get booking photos and fingerprints of her. When this occurs, we do not let the inmate bond out until they fully complete the booking process. It was a few hours before she finally cooperated with jail staff. Therefore she ended up staying in jail for about seven hours instead of the normal four to six hours for an intoxicated person."

Sheriff Lane went on to say,  “I hate that she put me in the position to have to make this arrest but I really had no choice. I did my job and I will say that I am very proud of Undersheriff Cox for doing his job and maintaining his professionalism as well." 

“We should be praying for Mrs. Cox and her family," Sheriff Lane added. "All of us have had personal issues to deal with and we all deal with these problems in different ways. Hopefully she gets help if she needs it."

Cox was elected to the position of Sequoyah County Court Clerk in November of 2020 and took office in January of this year.

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