Monday, March 1, 2021

City of Sallisaw Purchases Aerial Truck

Sallisaw Fire Chief Anthony Armstrong and Assistant Chief Steve Padgett 
stand next to the newest addition to the Sallisaw Fire Department.

The City of Sallisaw recently purchased an aerial fire truck that will soon be placed into service. The truck is a 2003 Emergency One Fire Truck with a 95-foot aerial platform. The truck was offered for sale via by the Fayetteville Fire Department. The City of Sallisaw was able to purchase the truck for $30,000 plus buyer’s premium fees.

“If purchased new, these trucks would cost over one million dollars. In 2009 we were able to purchase our current 75-foot aerial truck for $25,000 and it has been a solid truck for our department,” stated Anthony Armstrong, Fire Chief for the City of Sallisaw. “We inspected the truck before we bid on it and found the unit to be very well maintained with very few issues. We look forward to placing the truck in service and benefiting our community.”

Sallisaw City Manager Keith Skelton commented, “It is very rare that you find quality equipment on a bid site. We have been fortunate to find two of these trucks in 12 years, saving the City well over one million dollars. If we can get 12 years out of this truck like we have our current aerial truck, it will be well worth the small investment."

The new aerial will replace the current 1989 Pierce aerial truck currently in service. The longer aerial lift, along with more pumping capacity, will also provide more points to the City’s ISO rating, which dictates what residents pay for homeowner’s insurance. The truck will be placed in service once it is
outfitted with the necessary hoses and equipment.

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