Monday, December 23, 2019

Two Face Burglary Charges

Two men from Sequoyah County are facing burglary charges, according to a police report.

Nico Treyshon Castleberry, 21, of Roland and Nickolaus Carl Hodges, 30, of Muldrow were charged Dec. 10 with second-degree burglary, the report indicates. Castleberry was also charged with knowingly receiving stolen property, a misdemeanor.

On Dec. 10, a police officer on patrol spotted the men heading south on Comanche Loop West in Roland. The officer made contact with Castleberry, who was known to have a valid Sequoyah County warrant, and handcuffed him.

The officer noticed that Castleberry’s pockets were bulging with items. Sticking out of Castleberry’s hoodie pocket was a vacuum-sealed plastic bag. The officer also discovered a plastic bag containing a green, leafy substance. Castleberry admitted the drugs were his but said he did not have an Oklahoma medical marijuana card.

Castleberry was then arrested and the officer continued searching the man’s pockets. Castleberry was holding a plastic Walmart bag that contained several items that he claimed had been traded to him by Hodges. Castleberry refused to say what he traded for the items.

Castleberry told the officer that he and Hodges had been at the home of Hodges’ aunt. He was then transported to the Roland Police Department.

The officer later went to a home said to be frequented by another male, Kyle Hanna. A search of that location turned up several items that Castleberry said were traded to him, including a red Jax case, a gold chain with a leopard head, a sandwich bag full of pins, a plastic container with a pin, an empty blue box, a black box of leather coasters and an Amazon Kindle.

The officer also found a black sock that contained three plastic baggies that each held a white residue, as well as a letter addressed to a woman and a pair of debit cards with different women’s names on them.

Castleberry told officers he was walking down the road when he saw Hodges on the front porch at 131 Comanche. Castleberry said that when he left the home, he grabbed a plastic bag that contained the two debit cards and put the letter in the bag.

He said the three men, including Hanna, entered Hodges’ aunt’s home through the front door, which was unlocked. Hodges went into his aunt’s bedroom and began gathering items to trade to Castleberry for marijuana.

Hodges was later brought to the police department, where he told officers he did not trade any items, and he denied giving Castleberry the black sock with the trio of bags holding a methamphetamine residue.

When Hanna arrived, he told officers he didn’t steal anything at the home, but he said Hodges tried to trade a government phone to Castleberry. Hanna was then allowed to leave.

When Hodges’ aunt was informed about the theft, she said she wanted to press charges on all three men.

Castleberry and Hodges were later transported to the Sequoyah County jail to face district charges.

The green, leafy substance found on Castleberry tested positive for marijuana and weighed about 16 grams, the report shows.

Castleberry was convicted of the same charge in May 2019, records indicate.

The felony second-degree burglary charge is punishable by imprisonment for up to five years. Castleberry’s additional charge of knowingly receiving stolen property, is punishable by imprisonment in the county jail for up to a year or by a fine of up to $500 or both.

Castleberry and Hodges will appear in court at 9 a.m. Feb. 5, 2020. 

Castleberry’s bond was set at $25,000. 

Laura Brown, KXMX Staff Writer

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