Tuesday, August 30, 2016

Hometown Video Stirs Memories for Many

Everyone gets sentimental about their hometown, and the associated memories, sometimes, but one former Sallisaw resident put his hometown memories and emotions to music.

Jarrard Copeland’s video, which features photos of Sallisaw over the years set to the song “Give Me Back My Hometown” by Eric Church, is attracting quite an audience. The video has been posted on several Facebook sites and is being shared throughout the community.

Comments include:

-“Love this video!!! Thanks for sharing this with all of us.”

-“Wow what memories. I love my hometown.”

-“Awesome. Love it.”

-“Brought tears to my eyes for sure.”

-“Outstanding! A very sincere ‘thank you’ Jarrard!”

Copeland said his fond memories of growing up in Sallisaw prompted the video. He said he had the “perfect childhood” when growing up in Sallisaw, the perfect family, friends and experiences.

Copeland is a 1985 graduate of Sallisaw High School, where he played football.

He recalled, “Back then I thought that football was all there was in life.”

Copeland remembers the old Sallisaw High School and middle school, when the campuses weren’t closed and students left for lunch.

“I remember walking to Dotson’s every day for lunch,” he remembered.

Of course, Dotson’s diner is included in the video, along with other old black and white and color photos of Sallisaw businesses long gone or re-purposed. The video includes many photos from Copeland’s high school years, memories of both places and people, school officials, coaches, teammates, a championship trophy, etc.

“I’ve always been fascinated with videos and old photos,” Copeland explained about his decision to make the video. “I got the old photos from yearbooks and offline.

“And that song, of course I’ve heard it 100 times.”

Church’s song about his hometown is directed at an old girlfriend. Copeland said that concerned him, but the memories of a hometown were more important. Copeland said he found a special app, or application, - Flipagram - that he used to make the video. It’s not the first video he made. The first he made was for his own father, the late Kenneth Copeland, on Father’s Day. That video is set to Sawyer Brown’s “The Wall,” and it may also be seen on Copeland’s Facebook page.

Copeland said about Sallisaw, “My roots are there. Of course I still have family there.”

Copeland went on to college and is now a police officer in Fort Smith where he lives.

But he remains a hometown boy.

“I’m proud of my hometown,” he said, “I’m proud of the people who live there.

“I’m pretty sentimental I guess,” he continued. “Sometimes I come over to Sallisaw and drive around for hours just reminiscing and thinking about old times. Of course we go to the barbeque quite often.

“I wouldn’t trade my childhood for anything,” he concluded.

To view the video click on the following link:

Sally Maxwell, Senior News Director

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