Thursday, August 4, 2016

Hardin Arrested Thursday Morning

A rural Sallisaw man was arrested again Thursday and now faces additional drug charges.

Jimmy David Hardin, 63, of the Brent community south of Sallisaw, is suspected of selling narcotics.

Sequoyah County Sheriff Ron Lockhart said the sheriff’s department served a search warrant on Hardin’s home Thursday morning. He said the warrant was issued after a month-long investigation for distribution of narcotics.

“Hardin has been arrested at least four times in the last few years,” Lockhart said in a press release.

Lockhart said, “It’s obvious Mr. Hardin wants to continue in the drug trade. We have several complaints on Mr. Hardin and we will continue to arrest him as long as he wants to continue what he is doing. Mr. Hardin will be charged with narcotics violations.”

Hardin is free on a $40,000 bond after his last arrest for drugs on March 1 following an investigation by the sheriff’s office and the District 27 Drug Task Force. He was then charged by the district attorney with two counts of unlawful possession of a controlled drug with the intent to distribute, maintaining a place to keep or sell controlled substances and knowingly concealing stolen property.

Hardin pleaded not guilty to the charges on March 28. His preliminary hearing on those charges is set to begin Aug. 29 in Sequoyah County District Court, Sallisaw.

In March, the district attorney’s office also included a list of Hardin’s previous convictions. According to the list Hardin was convicted on Feb. 27, 1985, of conducting gambling game and was sentenced to four years in prison; was convicted on May 15, 1992, of the manufacture of a controlled dangerous substance after former conviction of two or more felonies, and was sentenced to 70 years in prison; was convicted on April 7, 2008, of unlawful possession of a controlled drug and was sentenced to 10 years in prison; was convicted on April 20, 2012, of grand larceny and knowingly concealing stolen property and was sentenced to five years in prison; and was convicted on Feb. 7, 2013, of knowingly concealing stolen property and was sentenced to four years in prison.

Sally Maxwell, Senior News Director

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  1. His sentence in '92 was 70 years so why was he released so early? He has been charged and sentenced three additional times; what happened with the "Three Strike Rule"? Shame on the court/legal system for this.

    1. That's exactly why they continue doin what they do! No consequences! A slap on the hand is all they get and they know it


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