Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Boyfriend Charged with Child Abuse to 7 Month Old

Alexander Turner

Morgan Crow

In a story that we brought you first, Alexander Turner, 26, of Fort Smith, Arkansas has been arrested today on charges of child abuse by the Sequoyah County Sheriff's Department. On Sunday night, March 30, the Sequoyah County Sheriff's Department were called to Mercy Hospital in Fort Smith regarding a possible case of child abuse. The incident occurred in Moffett at the home of the child's mother, Morgan Crow, on either Friday or Saturday night. The 7 month old girl was burned on the face and scalp from scalding water in the kitchen sink. Medical treatment was not sought for the child until Sunday night. After questioning of Crow she was arrested on charges of failure to protect. After locating and interviewing Turner he was arrested on charges of child abuse and is being held in the Sequoyah County Jail on $100,000 bond. Turner has a prior conviction out of Sebastian County for 2nd degree battery of his own children in 2013.

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