Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Arrest Warrant Issued After Woman Assaults Officer

On July 12 an arrest warrant was filed for a Sallisaw woman for one count of Battery/Assault and Battery on Police Officer-a Felony.

According to the information filed with the warrant on July 5 Tara Hines, 30, struck Destiny Price-Remy, a Detention Officer, in the back of the head with a foot with the intent to injure Price-Remy while she was performing the duties of a Detention Officer.

Bond on the warrant was set at $5,000.

The Arrest Warrant states that on July 5 Tara Hines was arrested for public intoxication and while being booked into the Sequoyah County Jail became hostile. 

Detention Officer Price-Remy stated that she asked Hines to sign her booking packet and Hines signed one sheet of paperwork and then slammed the pen down onto the counter. Price-Remy instructed Hines to sign the remainder of the paperwork and Hines complied but slammed the pen down almost striking another officer. 

Hines continued to argue with officers and then threw a clipboard at Operations Manager Hau Nguyen and attempted to push Price-Remy. Officer Pricer Remy stated she created distance from Hines and un-holstered her taser. After un-holstering her taser, Nguyen administered an escort position restraint on Hines but Hines continued to resist. 

The officers attempted to place Hines in a restraint chair and were trying to secure her feet in the restraints when Hines raised her leg and kicked Price-Remy in the back of the head. Due to the assault, Price-Remy deployed a one second burst of O.C. pepper spray to the face of Hines and the officers were then successful at placing Hines into the restraint chair. 

Hines faces up to five years imprisonment and/or a fine of up to $500 if convicted.

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