Friday, August 18, 2017

Former Sallisaw Resident Being Held in Florida for Allegedly Murdering Partner

A former Sallisaw resident is being held in a Florida jail after allegedly attacking and killing his sexual partner for being a 'cannibal'.

Justin Calhoun, 24, formerly of Sallisaw was taken into custody Monday in Key West, Florida after he admitted attacking his partner, Mark Brann, 67, according to the Monroe County arrest report. 

Calhoun, a male stripper, reportedly told a Florida detective that he and Brann had an argument after he accused Brann of being a 'cannibal'. The couple then struggled over a gun that was lying on the bed with them and Brann fired one shot without anyone being struck. Calhoun attempted to fire the gun but he stated that it jammed.

The Monroe County Sheriff's Office arrest report indicates that Calhoun then grabbed a pen and stabbed Brann in both eyes and shoved a piece of wood from a broken dresser into Brann's mouth 'to silence him'. He then 'stomped' on the piece of wood to lodge it further into Brann's mouth and grabbed a drawer from a broken dresser and used it to hit Brann.

Calhoun stated that he then locked the door to keep Brann's roommate from entering, grabbed his money and backpack and jumped out of the bedroom window while still naked.

He was captured by authorities several hours later. 

Police reports state that Calhoun admitted to his actions going beyond self-defense.

Brann was flown to a hospital in Miami where he died the next day from his injuries.

Calhoun is being held at the Monroe County Sheriff's Office jail without bond. He is reportedly being held in a private cell because he self-identified as a woman when he was booked into the jail.

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