Friday, December 30, 2016

Vian’s First Female Officer Makes Christmas Arrest

Lindsey Green, 22, Vian’s first female police officer, wants to make law enforcement her life’s career.

Her first day on the job at Vian was Dec. 3. Her first big arrest was on Christmas day.

Green related, “Christmas Day was my busiest day. I made my first pursuit and arrest on Christmas Day.”

The pursuit started in Vian and went north on State Highway 82, reaching speeds over 100 miles per hour. Then the suspect finally stopped. Tyler Coles, 20, was not only speeding but also had a warrant for his arrest.

Green said, “I was wearing a Santa Claus hat, trying to be in the Christmas spirit. Then the pursuit started and I thought ‘I’ve still got this goofy hat on. But, oh well.’”

Green arrested Coles for speeding, reckless driving and driving without a license among other charges.

Green enjoys the work, and has been in law enforcement ever since she graduated from high school. She started as a detention officer for the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office, where she worked for two years. She worked another year and a half for the Adair County Sheriff’s Office, then resigned on Dec. 1 after the Adair County Sheriff, David Hardin, lost the election.

Green explained, “He and a deputy are my mentors. They kept me on track. They’ve been a guide for me.”

They recommended Green apply for the Vian job.

“I was hired two days later,” she said.

Vian Police Chief Ted Johnson said of Green, “She came highly recommended. She has good references and a good record. I was glad to put her on. She’s a hard worker.”

Hard worker describes Green well. On her days off she works on a dairy farm at Stilwell feeding the baby calves and at a Stilwell feed store.

She is already CLEET (or Council on Law Enforcement Education and Training) certified, and has taken firefighter training. She begins EMT (or emergency medical technician) training on Jan. 12.

“It’s train, train, train,” Green said.

Green said she plans on a career of at least 20 years in law enforcement, but she hopes they will all be in small towns.

Originally from Keys, Green said, “I don’t like big towns. I’m happy with any small town. I’m too country for city life.”

About Vian, Green said, “I love it there. It is great.”

Sally Maxwell, Senior News Director

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