Tuesday, December 13, 2016

Bormann Out of Mayor’s Race

George Bormann, who filed to run for Sallisaw mayor last week, announced Tuesday that, if elected, he will not be able to serve.

Bormann explained the circumstances making it impossible for him to serve as mayor in the following statement.

"It is with regret that I announce that, if elected to the office of Mayor of Sallisaw, I will not be able to assume the position. 

"I am currently employed as a Motor Carrier Enforcement Officer with the Oklahoma Corporation Commission, which is an agency of the State of Oklahoma. I have also held a part-time position with the City of Sallisaw. Prior to filing for the office of Mayor, I was informed that upon filing, I would be placed on immediate leave with the City of Sallisaw, in accordance with city policy. This indeed occurred and I have not been executing my duties with the City since the moment of filing for Mayor. In addition, prior to filing for the office of Mayor of Sallisaw, to ensure the position would not conflict with my position with the OCC, I executed the appropriate steps of approval by checking initially with my direct supervisor. I was given initial approval and proceeded to file to run for the office of Mayor of Sallisaw. However, after the filing period closed, and also following the deadline to withdraw my name from the election, I was notified via official memorandum from the Deputy General Counsel for the OCC that, taken from Title 51 O.S. § 6 (A) and citing AG opinion, while I am allowed to file and run for the office of Mayor, if I am indeed elected, I can no longer continue in my position with the OCC. 

"The position of Mayor is an unpaid, volunteer position. Understandably, I cannot compromise my full-time employment with the State of Oklahoma. It is with a heavy heart that I reluctantly announce that if I am elected, I will not choose to fulfill the office. If I had had the opinion of the OCC’s legal counsel as it pertains to elected office and my current position as an Officer with the State of Oklahoma, I would not have filed to run for Mayor. 

"Service is in my blood. It has always been my desire to faithfully serve the people of Sallisaw, which is why, after much deep prayer and discussion with my wife, we made the decision that I would run for Mayor of Sallisaw. I believe in servant-leadership, I believe in a community dedicated to its people and their Lord, and I believe in fostering an environment of growth and positive change. I am whole-heartedly thankful to the COUNTLESS people who took time out of their lives to pour into mine over the past week- either by volunteering, discussing, praying, or partnering. You will always be considered my friends. 

"My family and I wish Mr. Hudgens the best of luck and pray that he will lead Sallisaw toward growth and vitality- for our children and grandchildren and for all future generations in Sallisaw."

Of the four who filed to seek the office of Sallisaw mayor, Jim Hudgens is the only candidate remaining. Election board officials said it is too late to take Bormann’s name off the ballot for the Feb. 14 election.

Sally Maxwell, Senior News Director

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