Thursday, September 4, 2014

Bennett Stands by His Beliefs

State Rep. John Bennett (Republican from Sallisaw) said Thursday, "I absolutely refuse to apologize." Bennett was asked for an apology Wednesday by Adam Soltani, executive director of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, also known as CAIR, in Oklahoma City. In a letter addressed to Bennett, Soltani wrote, "Anti-Muslim bigotry and statements that promote misunderstanding and incite hatred toward a minority group have no place in the Oklahoma Republican Party. Individuals elected to represent the people of Oklahoma should be held accountable for such extremist, inaccurate and intolerant views." Soltani was referring to remarks Bennett made on his Facebook page about terrorism. Bennett posted:

"The Quran clearly states that non Muslims should be killed. Be wary of the individuals who claim to be 'Muslim American'. Be especially wary if you're a Christian."

But Bennett said he stands by what he says, and he has proof that CAIR is associated with HAMAS, described as a terrorist organization in Palestine, where they most recently have battled with Israelis, and ISIS, translated as Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, which has recently taken to beheading captured American journalists. Bennett said in an interview Thursday, "This is hard to explain, but it has been proven in a Federal Court that CAIR is connected to Hamas and ISIS. I stand behind that because it's true, and I'll argue with anyone trying to discredit me. CAIR supports the Muslim Brotherhood." The Muslim Brotherhood is also described as a terrorist organization on line, and is considered in part responsible for the discord in Egypt. Bennett explained the alleged Muslim tendency to kill those of other faiths if they refuse to convert, goes all the way back to their holy book, the Quran. Verses in the book, he said, declare war on all those of other faiths. But Soltani said that verse was taken out of context. He told the media that CAIR has condemned the violent actions of ISIS. He pointed out that  ISIS is also killing Muslims. Soltani denied CAIR has any ties to Hamas, ISIS or any other Islamic terrorist groups. But Bennett contends that Islamic terrorism could be on America's doorstep, if not already through the back door on America's weak borders, and the immediate need is to destroy those terrorist groups now battling in Iraq and Syria. "I have no problem with Arabs," Bennett said. "I am not a racist. I do have a problem with terrorism. Now is the time to act (to join the fight against ISIS and other terrorist groups)."

Bennett was to speak to a group in Sapulpa Thursday evening and left early for the speaking engagement to make sure that security was in place. He, and other elected officials, believe there will soon be a terrorist attack upon the United States, or its allies. Bennett concluded, "I am sick of political correctness. The people voted me in to take care of them and that's what I'm going to do. I am going to stand up for what's right." State House Speaker Jeff Hickman stood behind Bennett. He told KFOR TV, "All members of the Oklahoma Legislature are duly elected by and accountable to their constituents, and are free to voice their own opinions. As Speaker of the Oklahoma House of Representatives, I have found that most Oklahomans welcome anyone who respects our laws and embraces our state, our culture and our people." Sally Maxwell, Senior News Director

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