Monday, May 11, 2020

REAL IDs to Be Issued by Mid-Summer

The Oklahoma Department of Public Safety (DPS) is on track to begin issuing REAL IDs to Oklahomans by mid-summer at select locations. The department’s goal is to be ready to issue to the public beginning July 1. This date will be dependent on COVID-19 restrictions and how quickly the department is able to train employees and tag agents. The original target date was April 30, but because of challenges posed by the pandemic, the rollout has been pushed back.

The Department of Homeland Security’s deadline, originally set for Oct. 1, was delayed until Oct. 1, 2021, in response to COVID-19. This means that Oklahomans can continue to use their regular Oklahoma driver licenses to board domestic flights or enter federal facilities until October of next year.

Even though the federal deadline was delayed, DPS has been diligently working on becoming REAL ID-compliant. The pandemic has slowed down the timeline for a few reasons. The vendor who designed the new system, Driver 360, has been impacted by out-of-state travel restrictions. Also, DPS was not able to provide training to employees and tag agents on the new system because of restrictions on gatherings. This created a challenge to the agency’s ability to deliver the new work stations to driver license and tag agent locations around the state. DPS is in the process of reworking the training and deployment plan. 

DPS, along with its partners, is in the pilot production phase at the 3600 N. Martin Luther King Ave. location in Oklahoma City. This is a targeted test of the system before the rollout to the public. So far, DPS has successfully issued around 70 REAL IDs to test the system.

Updated information will be distributed on the DPS website and on social media. The public may visit to determine the documents that will be required to be issued a REAL ID. There is also an interactive quiz for citizens to determine if they will need a REAL ID.

KXMX News Staff 

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